A young idealistic woman lawyer joins a large law firm in a big city, where she finds corruption, disillusionment and murder.

She has the mind of Voltaire, the vocabulary of a truck driver, and the soul of Blanche Dubois. She is an early victim of sexism in the legal profession. She is intrepid and fights City Hall. Her fragile soul encounters and suffers the Moloch of the City, its courts, its politics and its police.

The narrator has fallen in love with her, but she disappears one November. The police suspect that the narrator has abducted and killed her. The narrator thinks she may have been murdered by the Mob. The narrator finds himself trying to decode what happened to her by tracking her life through the corrupt and murderous city, as it is related by her letters and journals.

Oliver H. Harris tells a story in the person of JoJo, a young woman lawyer who works in a large downtown law firm, where she experiences murder, sexual discrimination, corruption, police brutality and the death of her personal and professional ideals. She vanishes and the narrator takes us through the streets and back alleys of the city by way of her journals and diaries, as he searches to learn of her fate.